We have a vision of a forward-thinking and sophisticated place where neighborhood residents, cocktail aficionados, foreign visitors, and the arts community will all gather. At Sugar Monk, art meets mixology.

Binikos’ ingenious art cocktails are created from the most unusual elements and thrill the most discerning palates. The drinks are made with the freshest ingredients, the finest spirits, and an array of artisanal bitters, infusions, and extracts, all beautifully presented.

Our Vision

Ektoras Binikos, mixologist and visual artist; Simon Jutras, photographer and designer of interiors & furniture.

Together we operate Sugar Monk (in Central Harlem, NYC), an intimate venue where art, mixology, and alchemy combine to transcend the senses and elate the most discriminating palates. Our creative and entrepreneurial backgrounds, enhanced by two decades of immersion in New York's art community, have so far resulted in award-winning mixology programs for some of NYC's finest establishments, and a successful photography & design portfolio with many notable clients. This is a very special moment in Harlem's history, and the perfect time to open Sugar Monk.

Who we are